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From the desk of: Jack Rock 
24 August 2008

There's always been something mystical about foreign women that captures men's imagination and wildest fantasies.

To some it is a sight of tanned athletic bodies parading on a tropical beach...

To others, the apparent shyness and timidity of a more old-style romantic women...

Some are attracted by foreign scents, tastes, or new sensual experiences...

There is something exciting behind this whole idea of dating and seducing someone from a different background or culture. The aura of mystery, of tasting something forbidden...

Maybe your objective is only of getting a taste of the "local cuisine" during your next trip for a more complete experience, or maybe you're looking for specific characteristics in a partner that are hard to find in your culture.

Whatever your reason is for wanting to date and seduce foreign women, it is an experience rich in excitement, thrill, and rewards.

Unfortunately, dating foreign women is a taste that most men, even though they will fantasize about it all their life, will never experience.

Why Are You Standing There Watching?

If you are not acting on this impulse to seduce and get to know the other person, why are you standing there anyway?

No matter how gorgeous the other person is, how seemingly perfect, if you're not stepping forward you'd just as well visit a museum and stare at the exposed work of art.

Staring won't get you laid, nor will you get the opportunity to get to know the girl.

So why is is that so many men will NEVER act, and keep on simply dreaming of meeting a foreign and exotic woman?

Because different backgrounds mean different traditions, different seduction rituals, different values. For instance, in some culture, seducing a women much equates to seducing her family first.

Others will insist on rejecting you the first few times you approach them, so that you can pursue them and show you're serious...

The fear of rejection is something terrible, and a feeling that we'd all rather try and avoid as much as possible.

As if approaching the girl next door wasn't already complicated and scary enough, if she happened to be from a different culture, you'd probably be out of the game before you even made your first move, right?

--- BullS**t.

This is what keeps most man from succeeding in approaching, seducing and dating foreign women. Don't buy into this.

Let's get this straight: Women are women.

No matter their background or culture, they all have the same needs and desires.

But they will express these needs and desires in a different way, and the better you get at reading and speaking this "cultural language", the greater your success with foreign women will be.

You Could Date A Foreign Women Tonight!

Fortunately for you, with the ease of access to information the internet provides, it is now easier than ever to learn everything there is to know about a different culture, without ever having to leave your home.

The downside of this approach is that you would probably have to spend hours, even days or weeks, trying to learn everything there is to know about a culture, analyzing it, studying it's history, trying to find out the key element that will make you so much more irresistible to this kind of woman.

And while you're sitting in front of your screen, alone in your room, you're not doing what you should be doing - meeting and dating the women you want to seduce.

In order to help people gain an edge, I've compiled this 70 pages book full of tips and tricks that will guide you through every steps to seducing the foreign women of your choice, tonight!

Seducing Foreign Women will teach you ...

How to meet foreign women in your area - No need to travel, there are already thousands of beautiful foreign women in your area!

The best way to meet foreign women online - The internet can be used to help you find foreign women abroad as well as in your own neighborhood.!

How to deal with women in different countries - Once you understand these fundamentals, you will always have the upper hand when dealing with cultural differences.

The right way to act around foreign women - You will want to learn this information as soon as possible to increase your chance of success when approaching a foreign women.

How you can get foreign women to relate to you, instantly! - This tip alone will save you from wasting hours on general chit-chat and allow you to establish rapport within minutes!

Meeting and seducing foreign women is such a great experience, and as far as I know, this is the first and only guide on the market that specifically targets dating and seducing this particular kind women.

Sometimes they're the best looking in the world, sometimes mysterious, but most importantly, foreign women will usually become the best partners you will ever find.

Do not worry if you don't have much dating experience, or if your seduction attempts have not been up to your expectations yet.

I have a "leave no man behind" policy, and make sure that everyone who reads my Seducing Foreign Women guide will "get it".

This is why I'm also covering basics such as ...

The Universal Triggers of Attraction - Remember I told you that Women are Women. This section will cover their most basic needs and desires and give you something that you can instantly relate to with every women you meet.

How To Develop a Positive Mindset - Your mindset and the attitude that you project plays for at least 80% of your attractiveness. Learning how to master it early on will help you succeed a lot faster.

The Do's and Don't With Women - This section will probably surprise you, as some of these ideas will be contrary to popular belief, but when you try these out for yourself you will be amazed by the results!

When you start applying the secrets, tips and ideas described in this guide, you will automatically turn into a real chick magnet and no women will stay out of your reach.

Imagine the thrill, the excitement, of knowing that you can successfully go after any girl, any time, and walk away with her number and a promise to meet later.

By placing your order today, you will receive everything you need to go on your first date with a foreign women, tonight!

I'm Even Sharing All The Shortcuts!

Because women from different cultures will react differently to different situations, and because you may be attracted to one type of women more than another, I'm also including shortcuts to understanding and attracting the most popular types of foreign women.

When you read my Seducing Foreign Women guide, you'll get the whole picture on ...

9 Types of Foreign Women You Already Interact With Every Day - From the sex-craved to the more conservative and submissive housewife, this quick run-down will help you quickly assess the type of women that is right for you.

Secrets to Dating Asian Women - I'm killing the myths about Asian women and giving real life tips and ideas about dating Asian women.

Secrets to Dating Thai Women - This chapter is a complete review of Thai women, what makes them a privileged choice, and how to seduce them.

Secrets to Dating Filipino Women - Well known for their more traditional values and sweetness, seducing and dating Filipino women is a most rewarding experience to anyone looking for a reliable partner.

Secrets to Dating European Women - Do not get fooled into thinking that because our culture doesn't seem much different on the surface, European women should be treated just like their American counterparts. This chapter is a must.

....... and finally

Mail Order Brides Exposed! - Exactly what are mail order brides about, who uses such services, and the best resources on this topic!

As you can see, Seducing Foreign Women leaves absolutely no stones unturned when it comes to helping you seduce and meet the women of your dream.

All of the information would otherwise take days or even weeks for you to acquire has been carefully put together and laid down for you this clear, concise and easy to follow guide, including the basics of creating attraction and seducing women.

So, let me ask again, why are you standing there watching?

Grab your copy of Seducing Foreign Women for less than you would spend on a night out with your buddies and you could be dating the women of your dream, tonight !

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Foreign Women Dating


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If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, let me know and I will issue a complete refund of the purchase price for Seducing Foreign Women.

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If you're not happy with your results, I'm no happy with your money either.

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Seducing Foreign Women will also introduce you to the best places to look for and find beautiful foreign women in your area, online and abroad, as well as the best way to act around them.

And with the country specific profile information's, you be able to quickly master the key characteristics of the most popular types of foreign women that western men fantasize about, and learn how to seduce them within minutes of opening a conversation with them.

Don't forget that by placing your order today, you also benefit from instant digital delivery of your guide and MP3 Audio Files for you to listen to and your satisfaction is fully covered by my 57 days money back guarantee.

To a spicy and exotic life,

Jack Rock.

jack rock puck up artist

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